Windows Feedback Hub



With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the Insider program and new transparent feedback tools as 1st party applications. I worked closely with the product teams to solve the intial redesign request, but I eventually convinced the team to create a single unified experience.

What I did
  • UX Design lead
  • UI Design lead

Two apps with one problem

Initially, the Insider Hub and the Windows Feedback applications were created independent of eachother but were told they needed to feel more visually related. My first contribution was to clean up the UX/UI to align closer to Windows design practices and controls.

Old Insider Hub app


Old Windows Feedback app

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Final design

Ultimately, the Insider Hub and Windows Feedback applications shared too many experiences and goals to keep them apart. The apps were combined into a single experience named Feedback Hub and shared a combined news feed, user profile, and a clearer value prop for the Windows Insider program. Feedback Hub continues to come preinstalled on all Windows 10 PCs.

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