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Overview is a destination for small business owners, offering the the best business advice and tools for like-minded entrepreneurs. Using agile development, the OPEN Forum product design team quickly improved the site based on user research and business goals. As a Senior UX designer, I influenced a wide number of experiences across the site including registration, onboarding, social sharing, navigation, OPEN Forum invitations, and personalized news feeds. Design partnership with

What I did
  • User Research
  • UX Design
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Research and Brainstorms

With a decade-long web presence, the redesign of needed to strike a balance between considering the past while exploring bold new directions for the mobile-first small buisness owner. Our product team worked in a collaborative WeWork office, giving us the advantage of working alongside the exact small business customers we hoped to target. We tested several prototypes and held frequent demos, brainstorms, and interviews with customers to ensure the new OPEN Forum would be a valuable tool.

OPEN Forum web

User flows & Wireframes

A crucial part of our design process is testing early product directions with low-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, and user flows. These were especially important as we introduced user generated content, community features, and user profiles. Our process allowed us to receive early customer feedback and make faster product decisions, while giving our AmEx business partners opportunity to be involved early on.

OPEN Forum web OPEN Forum web
AmExOPENForum wireframe
AmExOPENForum wireframe
OPEN Forum web

Final design

The redesigned launched in the beginning of 2013 and carried a elegant balance of feeling connected to the larger American Express brand while having its own unique look.

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